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$2.59CustomShared, VPS, Dedicated.

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$1.00CustomWebsite Builder, Shared Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud-based Hosting, Dedicated Hosting...

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$4.95cPanel, Custom.Shared, Cloud VPS, Dedicated Cloud, Reseller.

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$1.95cPanel & WebSitePanelShared, VPS, Dedicated Cloud.

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$5.95CustomWebsite Builder, Shared Web Hosting

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$2.85cPanelShared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers.

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$4cPanelShared, VPS, Dedicated, Reseller.

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What to look for in website hosting reviews when choosing your hosting company

With the number of web hosting companies coming up online, one can say that choosing a web hosting company for your business is one of the most challenging things you will ever do online. A process that is supposed to be as simple as picking the company that gives you the services that you need becomes more challenging given the number of website hosting reviews that are online.

Over the years, instead of web hosting review sites becoming a source of quality information that you can rely on, some of them have been a source of misleading information. This is further complicated by the fact that some of these sites are paid by top web hosting providers to create positive and fake web hosting reviews. With this in mind, it becomes even more imperative that a potential client learns how to sort the real reviews from the fake ones. For any business owners, it is crucial to get real information in order to be able to make the right business decisions.

Some of the things that you can do to find the real reviews from real people in order to help you make a decision include:

  • Check the history of the review website
  • Check to see if they offer advertising especially to companies in the business
  • Check the ownership of the website hosting review site
  • Check to see how many positive reviews they have on the site


The History of the Review Website

Someone’s past can inform you of what to expect in the future. This goes for any properties online. The first thing you can look at is the age of the site. Newer sites have a tendency of relying on other review sites to create their content. The reviews are usually bland and lacking any personal touch. For example, a review site owner may not have tested the web hosting company before making a review. Depending on such to make a decision may not be the best thing for you.
It only takes a few minutes to figure out the ownership of the site. That could end up saving you a lot of money in the future.

Is there Advertising for Web Hosting Companies Reviews?

If a site is offering paid reviews to companies, then you should be a bit worried. The best web hosting providers do not see the need to pay for a review. After all, they have a lot of clients who are willing to give them all the good advertising they need. Sponsored or paid reviews on the site are a sign that the owner may not be truthful with what they are posting.


Beware of Hosting Review Sites Owned by Hosting Companies

Some companies have now found out that it is easier to start a fake website review site in order to not only rank their site but to also attract gullible users to their offerings. This is extremely common, and you would do well to find out who owns a website before accepting what they have to say. The first thing you can do is find the “whois” information of such a domain. You may be surprised with what you will find.


Check the Number of Positive Reviews

Nothing is perfect, and red flags should be raised when you go to hosting reviews website that only has positive reviews. This is very unlikely to say the least. There are some awful hosting providers so the reviews should be realistic. Granted most editors of the sites cannot make authoritative statements on their websites in case they are sued. However, reviews from users cannot all be positive. So if you come across a hosting website where all the reviewers are talking positively about all the hosting providers, then those are probably not accurate representations.

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What to look for in a hosting review

Once you find top web hosting sites which provides reviews for their visitors, you are going to rely on the next thing is to figure out what their reviews mean. Some of the things that one should look at include:

  • Bandwidth
  • Disk Space
  • Money back guarantee
  • Uptime & reliability
  • Technical Support & knowledge
These are the most common things that the best web hosting companies will try to improve on in order to get the best clients. They are not the only things that you look at, but they are a good indication of the quality of the hosting company you are about to pick.


Real Bandwidth vs Unlimited Bandwidth

Most hosting providers will market the fact that they have unlimited bandwidth even in the cheap shared web hosting packages. The truth is that this may not be entirely accurate. The item that they don’t advertise that you should be most concerned about is the CPU usage.

There are a lot of cases where clients are saying that their web hosting was suspended because they went above normal CPU usage. Most of us think that the bandwidth is synonymous to CPU usage that is not the case. So this scenario read the reviews carefully to figure out how the hosting company you are interested in deals with CPU over-usage. Bandwidth is a secondary parameter.
You want a company that provides you reasonable bandwidth and also allows your website to use any software that your business needs to succeed.


Disk Space Usage

Many of a company offers unlimited disk space in shared hosting packages. Again be careful with this since there is nothing that is unlimited. Chances are high that they web hosting provider is overselling the disk space on the server. In such a case, though you are supposed to be allocated a certain amount of space, if you don’t use it, the hosting company will allow another website to use the space. That is especially common with budget hosting providers.
You want a provider that does not oversell the space on their servers so that you can have the maximum resources available for the growth of your site.


Money Back Guarantee and Free Domain Names

Another one of the key features that are most attractive to users are the hosting companies that offer free domains and a money back guarantee. You should be very careful and read the terms of those offering these freebies.
Most of the time the free domain name is not free if you move hosting to another provider. In fact, you may end up paying double for such a domain name. With the money back guarantees make sure that the terms do not include any fees that you may be forced to pay if you decide to move from the hosting company.
You want to find out before you sign up how much the “free” services will cost you in real terms.


Uptime and Reliability

This is critical for you as a business owner. You do not want to lose customers simply because your website was offline due to technical issues with your host. Most hosting providers will claim to have 99.9% uptime. Read reviews carefully especially from clients who are likely to be very truthful especially on issues of how many times their website has been down in a year.
You want to choose a web hosting service that is reliable and stable over a long period of time.


Technical Support and Knowledge

This is probably the most important thing for you as a business owner. Chances are very high that you know very little about fixing common problems with a web server. Bad customer support is not an option if you are a business owner. You need to deal with a company that fixes any issues with your website as fast as they can.
The best web hosting companies invest a great deal in customer support. You will find that many companies have failed simply because their clients were not happy with the support they got.
Chances are very high that you may be looking for the best cheap web hosting companies that you can find. What you should do is search for company offers that give you the best value for money. You would rather pay one extra dollar a month to have a stable host than pay cheaply and have to call your customer support line every few weeks due to the site being down.
So look for consumer hosting reviews that are real and from genuine top web hosting sites who provides real reviews. Only then can you get the best hosting company for your small business.[/et_lb_toggle]

The facts you must know of free web hosting providers

Offering free products and services is a popular business model on the web. Most of us use free email services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Free email and many other free services work well. However, the same cannot be said about web hosting. Using free web host can be very frustrating and in some cases, disastrous. There are several reasons for this.

1. Limited resources: In order to keep costs low, free web hosts have to put thousands of websites on one server. As a result, they normally provide only a tiny amount of resources, for example, 250 MB of storage. Free hosting with strict resource restriction is better than free hosting with “unlimited” or liberal resource allocations as the server has a better chance of working correctly.

2. Forced advertising: Many free web hosts are ad supported. They earn their revenue by advertising. They may insist on putting ads on your web pages or may put a header banner or their own branding at the bottom of your website.

3. Many restrictions: To prevent spamming and to keep out people trying to use their hosting services for services like media streaming, free web hosts often put several restrictions. Limitations on individual file sizes, disallowing certain file types, blocking or restricting outbound email and blocking outbound connections are some of the common strategies.

4. Poor performance: Websites on free hosting tend to be slow due to high server load.

5. No warranties: There are no guarantees for uptime, which is not surprising for a free service.

6. Security and stability problems: Due to the extra load and the fact that all sites may not be fair resource users, servers tend to be relatively unstable and less secure.

7. Poor support: Support is either non-existent or very slow to respond.

8. Ranking problems: Search engines may impose a ranking penalty on websites hosted on free servers due to the large number of search engine spam, pirated content, link farms, etc., which they encounter on free servers.

9. Unsustainable model: Some reputed web hosting companies provide limited free hosting so that customers can try their hosting environment, control panel, etc. These are generally long lasting as they don’t depend on revenue from free hosting, and they get prospective customers. Free web hosts relying solely on advertising or affiliate marketing may not be able to survive in the long-term.

Free web hosting is convenient when you want to get familiar with web hosting, try the hosting company or host a small personal site with only a few visitors. For anything more serious, it makes sense to pay for web hosting. Good quality shared hosting is available for less than $5 a month, which is worth paying if you intend to do some serious work or host a business website. Our ranking system gives you some of the best web hosting providers in the market. We also provide website hosting reviews for these companies.

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