Refine your blog with blogspot templates


If you have ever even so much considered starting a blog then I am sure you will have heard of BlogSpot. In fact; it was on BlogSpot that the majority of the ‘big bloggers’ in the world got started. They eventually evolved onto bigger and better things, but they built up their initial following through BlogSpot. Sadly, over the past few years the proliferation of cheap web hosting and fantastic ‘blogging systems’ meant that the usage of BlogSpot declined. Google knew that they had to do something at this point. They could not let it stagnate and become something akin to Geocities. It was April 2013 that they introduced the idea of BlogSpot Templates.


What are BlogSpot Templates?

BlogSpot, even before it was owned by Google, has always allowed its users to customize their blog to some degree. The problem is that there was not much customization involved. You could select from one of about fifty templates. That was it. There was no editing beyond this. This is what caused the usage of BlogSpot to plummet against other sites out there. This is how the idea of BlogSpot templates came to fruition.

BlogSpot now allows its users to edit the HTML of a page. This means that the user is able to select exactly what they want their blog to look like. Absolutely everything is customizable. This means that people are now able to select the layout that suits them as opposed to something which has been forced upon them due to a lack of options in the software. This has brought people back to BlogSpot in their droves, and I am sure that the number of users in the future will rise even further when people get wind of this new feature.


Why Customize Your Blog?

One of the fantastic things about blogging is the fact that you are giving your own voice. You are given your own special place online where you write whatever you want. This could be information about your day to day life, or just want to share a couple of tips for a hobby that you follow. Whatever you do though; your blog is personal. This is why you want to customize it. You want to showcase exactly who you are as a person.

In addition to this; if you choose the right BlogSpot templates then people are going to love looking at your blog that little bit more. This will keep them coming back over and over…hopefully earning you a bit of cash in the process.


Why Download BlogSpot Templates?

BlogSpot boasts a pretty sophisticated template system now. There is no ‘dragging and dropping’ of things into place sadly. This means that you are going to need to know HTML, and CSS to some degree, if you want to ensure that your Blogger blog looks as good as it possibly can do. It takes a long time to learn HTML and CSS, particularly to the point where you are able to create a website with next-to-no errors on it. This is why many people decide to download BlogSpot templates from professionals. These templates are going to work ‘right out of the box’. All you need to do is ‘plug’ the code into your Blogger Blog, click a couple of buttons, and the whole look of your blog changes. There is absolutely no hassle involved here.