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Servage entered the web hosting market in 1998 under a different name. It is based in Germany and hosts more than 190,000 websites. Servage is well suited for small to medium websites and is an excellent choice for entry-level web hosting customers. The plans are not restrictive, the service quality is good and the prices are attractive. This is a perfect combination for small business websites and individuals who are entering the internet marketing or e-commerce field.


Servage Web hosting products and features

Unlike other large web hosting companies, which usually have numerous and sometimes confusing plans, Servage believes in keeping things very simple. It offers only two plans, one for shared hosting and another for VPS. Currently, it does not offer dedicated servers or any type of managed hosting. It provides a site builder software so that people with no technical knowledge can create and publish websites easily. Servage provides an in-house developed, custom control panel for all hosting plans.

1. Shared web hosting:

Shared hosting is offered on powerful clustered servers running Linux. Each hosting account comes with full DNS management and a 99.98% uptime guarantee.

Here are the major features:

  • One free domain registration or transfer.
  • Unlimited domains, subdomains, disk space, bandwidth, email accounts and FTP accounts.
  • 1000 MySQL version 5.0 or higher databases per account. Customers have the option of making their databases remotely accessible.
  • Encrypted FTP (FTPS) is supported.
  • Email can be accessed using webmail, POP3, SMTP or IMAP.
  • Email auto-responders.
  • Spam and virus protection.
  • Mailing list for sending newsletters.
  • Site builder.
  • Scripting languages: PHP 4.4, 5.2, 5.3 & 5.4, CGI, Perl, Ruby, Python, Curl, Netpbm, Zend encoded scripts, Python CGI and Flash support.
  • Cronjobs are allowed.
  • Tool for visitor statistics.
  • Shared SSL certificate, hotlink protection and password protected directories.
  • Script installer for easy installation of commonly used scripts.

In addition to FTP and a web based file manager, Servage provides a web drive feature. Customers can mount their entire hosting account as a virtual drive on their PC. This makes it easy to upload or backup files without the need for an FTP client.p>

Servage provides its own in-house developed control panel. Besides complete hosting control and account management, it has a help center with many useful articles. Although it is not a standard control panel like cPanel, it is quite simple to learn and easy to use. Having a custom control panel allows Servage to make enhancements and incorporate new features quickly.

Prices for shared hosting start at about $3 per month, which is applicable for a three-year subscription. The monthly rate for a one-year subscription is about $6.50. Subscriptions are available for periods of 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36 months. However, there is a setup charge of $15 for the quarterly plan. Clearly, Servage is looking for customers with some commitment.

2. VPS hosting:

The VPS plan offers Linux based servers with full root access and 99.98% uptime guarantee. The setup is instant and customers can start using the server almost immediately after subscription. No free domain or backup service is provided for VPS customers. Customers are given complete freedom and there is no limit on the number of websites that can be hosted or the type of software that can be installed as long as they don't cause performance degradation.

Important features:

  • One CPU.
  • 600 MB of RAM.
  • 150 GB of disk space.
  • 5 TB of monthly bandwidth.

Shared hosting customers can buy an additional VPS subscription, but cannot upgrade from shared hosting to VPS. This means that any remaining portion of the shared hosting subscription will not be refunded or adjusted against the VPS subscription. Customers with both types of subscriptions can manage them from the same account and control panel.


Infrastructure, reliability, support and user experience

Servage has its own data center in Germany. The facility has power backup and independent, high-speed fiber optic links to major internet backbones. The performance of the servers and bandwidth usage is constantly monitored. Whenever the bandwidth utilization reaches 50% of the capacity, it is upgraded. This ensures that there is no risk of server overloading or a connectivity bottleneck even during peak usage. The strategic location of the data center allows quick access from any part of the world.

Servage guarantees 99.98% uptime, however, the uptime in most months is 100%. According to the company, the high reliability is due to the redundancy built into every critical system, the use of clustered servers and load balancing.

Servage does not provide telephone support. There is a support help desk, which works round the clock and responds quickly to customer requests. Email support is also available.


Servage advantages

  • Simple products and plans.
  • Prices are low, but the service quality is good.
  • Custom configurations and upgrades are allowed on dedicated servers.
  • Clustered servers and fault tolerant systems.


Servage disadvantages

  • No managed VPS hosting option.
  • No telephone support is available, but users say that the support help desk usually responds in less than 20 minutes.
  • cPanel is not offered. However, the custom control panel is powerful, easy to learn and user-friendly.


Overall Servage review

Servage is a reliable web hosting company with an uncomplicated product range. The shared hosting plan provides ample resources for a personal or small business website. The support help desk is manned by competent people and is quick to answer queries and resolve issues. Servage looks like a good option for basic shared hosting and VPS customers.

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    In my personal experience I have nothing good to say, apart from price. They have plenty room to improve their services. Control panel nothing special, simple and not so effective. Sorry! That’s just my opinion!

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