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MochaHost is in the web hosting market since 2002. The company, based in Silicon Valley, offers a variety of internet and marketing services to its customers. Its product range includes different types of web hosting, domain registration, website design, e-commerce solutions and online promotion services. Currently, it hosts or manages the domains of over 1,000,000 websites. MochaHost is a green web hosting company with data centers in Chicago. The company focuses on giving value for money hosting to its customers and offers an extensive range of plans.


MochaHost web hosting products and features

MochaHost offers shared hosting, JSP hosting, VPS, dedicated cloud servers and reseller hosting. Most of its products are available with both Linux and Windows options.

1. Shared hosting

There are three plans for shared hosting: Soho, Business and Mocha. Each plan has Linux and Windows variants.

Soho plan - One website, 50 MySQL databases, limited MySQL functionality.

Business plan - Unlimited websites, unlimited databases, marketing tools, SEO tools, optional static IP, limited MySQL functionality, JSP, Magento e-commerce and cronjobs. A free domain is offered for one to two years subscription. The three-year subscription does not include the free domain as it comes at a highly discounted price.

Additional features in Mocha plan - Complete MySQL functionality, 50 PostgreSQL databases. Free static IP for subscription of two years or more.

Linux option:
  • Unlimited subdomains, disk space, bandwidth and FTP accounts.
  • Unlimited email accounts, autoresponders, aliases and forwarding. Spam protection is available.
  • Email can be accessed by webmail client, POP3, IMAP and SMTP.
  • RAID 10 storage.
  • Site builder with over 500 templates.
  • Script installer with over 180 scripts.
  • Server load and reboot protection: The system can be maintained without server reboot and it monitors itself to detect and remedy disproportionate resource use by any website.
  • 100% uptime guarantee, website speed guarantee and guaranteed renewal price.
  • 180 days no risk policy.
  • Google AdWords credit of $100 (Only for new AdWords users based in US and Canada) .
  • Shared SSL.
  • cPanel.
  • PHP 5.5, 5.4, 5.3 and 5.2, Python, SSI, Perl, Curl and AJAX.
  • Visitor statistics.
  • Password protected directories.
  • Hotlink protection.
  • Zend optimizer.

Windows option (similar to Linux except for the following features):
  • IIS server.
  • ASP.NET frameworks up to 4.5.1.
  • 200 to 500 MB reserved memory is available for ASP.NET applications.
  • In addition to MySQL, MS SQL databases are also available. There is a limit of 10 databases of 200MB each in the Soho plan.
  • MS Access database support is available.
  • Microsoft WebMatrix software.
  • Control panel is WebsitePanel. It has more features than Plesk.

2. Virtual private server (VPS)

There are six plans with Linux and Windows versions for each. Here are the main features:

Linux option:
  • Technology: Open VZ.
  • Disk space: 25 to 200 GB.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Guaranteed memory: 400 MB to 3 GB.
  • CPU: Intel E5520 or AMD 6134: 1.13 to 2.26 GHz.
  • Disk space, memory and CPU can be upgraded instantly.
  • OS: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu or Fedora.
  • 180 days risk free.
  • cPanel or Plesk control panel in most plans.


Windows option:
  • Technology: Windows Hyper-V.
  • Disk space: 40 to 230 GB.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Guaranteed memory: 1 to 3.5 GB.
  • CPU: Intel E5520 or AMD 6134: 1.13 to 4.52 GHz.
  • Disk space, memory and CPU can be upgraded instantly.
  • OS: Windows 2008.
  • Control panel: WebsitePanel. Plesk is also available at extra cost.
  • 180 days risk free subscription.

3. Dedicated servers:

MochaHost offers cloud servers. Compared to physical servers, cloud servers are faster, cheaper, scalable, more reliable and environment friendly. They offer more resources and can be quickly deployed or rebooted. Dedicated cloud servers come in six plans for Linux and six for Windows:

  • Technology: Dedicated cloud.
  • OS: Linux or Windows options.
  • CPU: Intel E5520 or AMD 6134 2.26 GHz.
  • Comes with all standard hosting features.
  • Instant resource upgrades are possible.
  • 180 days risk free subscription.

4. JSP hosting:

Comes in three plans.

5. Reseller plans:

Reseller plans are available in both Linux and Windows. There are six plans for each OS.


  • Unlimited bandwidth, domains, subdomains and databases.
  • Up to 150 GB of disk space depending upon the plan.
  • cPanel, WHM for Linux and WebsitePanel for Windows.
  • 180 days risk free subscription.


MochaHost Guarantees

The company provides certain guarantees to its customers, which are very different from the industry standards.

1. Price guarantee:

With most hosting companies, plans are offered at a discounted price for an initial subscription period after which it renews at a much higher rate. MochaHost gives a lifetime discount offer for some of its packages if the customer subscribes for a specified duration. Subscriptions under lifetime price guarantee renew at the same monthly rate provided they are renewed for a similar period. It is available for shared hosting, VPS, dedicated cloud servers and JSP hosting.

2. 180 days risk free subscription:

There is a full money-back guarantee for the first 30 days and a prorated refund option for the next 150 days. However, it is best to look at the terms and conditions carefully as the calculations can be complicated or refund charges may apply. As usual, refund is not possible for items like domain names and SSL certificates.

3. Uptime guarantee of 100%:

The industry standard uptime is around 99.9%. MochaHost, on the other hand, offers 100% uptime SLA. The guarantee applies only to the MochaHost network and servers. VPS and dedicated servers are covered only by the network uptime SLA. The guarantee excludes scheduled maintenance, problems outside the MochaHost network, issues caused due to customer action, third party software problems, DDoS attacks, and configuration or overloading problems.

The credits offered for not meeting the uptime guarantee varies between 3% to 5% of the monthly price depending upon the total downtime. The maximum compensation in any month is limited to the monthly subscription rate. The credit may be significant only for customers who are subscribed to high-end packages. Credit is not automatic and customers have to request for it.


Infrastructure, reliability, support and user experience

MochaHost has multiple data centers in Chicago. Power backup is provided by UPS and diesel generators. It has all the requirements of a modern data center like continuous monitoring, high security, etc. There are redundant network links with many internet backbones. Technical experts are available round the clock to resolve faults quickly.

Live support is provided through a US toll-free number and online chat. A ticketing system is also available. The company provides online tutorials and a vast collection of knowledge base articles. Customers are expected to take their own data backups. Site transfer assistance is available for customers coming from other hosts.


MochaHost advantages

  • Many plans and options to choose from and each one is explained in detail.
  • Server load and reboot protection.
  • 100% uptime guarantee.
  • Lifetime discount option.
  • Risk free subscription for the first 180 days.


MochaHost disadvantages

  • The only disadvantage is the number of plans, which may seem overwhelming for those new to web hosting. However, this accommodates customers with many different needs and budgets. There is no need to pay for features that are not required.


Overall MochaHost review

MochaHost offers many web hosting plans and each plan is described in great detail on their website. This will translate into value for money hosting for any type of customer. The company also gives some unique warranties and SLAs. Dedicated servers are cloud based, which ensures high reliability, easy upgrades and good scalability. Overall, MochaHost is a web hosting company that all types of customers are likely to be comfortable with.


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    I am with mochahost since 2010. I tried many (~8) web hostings, can not compare to them. Their are just amazing: reliable, fast, very comfortable CP. Thank to them I have forgot virtually any hosting issues which i had in the past. By the way im using their VPS linux package. Have a good one !

  2. Norbert Salinas
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    Despite the fact that they offer a very large variety of services, technical assistance stunningly impressive. They just dominate in hosting arena. What I get for that price is unbelievable. Simly love them !

  3. Pavel
    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

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    Overall experience

    Performance very slow, my website loading time increased with no reason… I tried solve that issue, but they always telling me that server runs great and I should not have to worry about. I just decided to switch to another hosting company…

    Feedback: 2 positive
  4. Duane Stockword
    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

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    Overall experience

    The price for is very good and control panel works fine. Their servers seems very unstable. My website went down many times and support replied after ~48 hours with generic answer… It is not what I expected from mochahost.

    Feedback: 2 positive, 1 negative
  5. Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

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    Very slow host and customer support like bots…

    Feedback: 1 positive

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