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iPage was started a small company in 1998, Boston Massachusetts under the iPowerWeb brand as a web builder company. Later on it changed to the hosting business it is now known for. It was only when it began marketing its brand as a cheap web hosting solution around 2009 that it became big. Their long term success attracted the Endurance International Group (EIG) as one of its hosting company acquisitions. During this time, it was rated as one of the best hosting solutions companies in the world.

It is one of the first hosting companies to go green. They claim that their servers and offices are 100% wind powered making them one of the truly green hosting companies. In fact, their users are allowed to use the Green Certificate and benefit from their marketing.


iPage web hosting products and features

iPage hosting services come with a lot of extras. In fact, if you love getting extra’s with your hosting, its nearly impossible to find a hosting company with similar offers. From cloud storage, to advertising credits their hosting extras are simply amazing.

1. Shared Hosting:

It is difficult to challenge the Shared Hosting packages offered by iPage. They are both cheap, and they offer amazing extras for their clients. Starting at $1.65 per month, shared hosting packages come with:

  • Ready tools for any beginner to build a great website
  • Marketing Tools and Advertising Credits up to $175
  • Unlimited Hosting Space
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data transfer
  • Free domain registration
  • SiteLock security suite
  • One Click installation of blogs and websites
  • 24/7 North American Phone support
  • Online stores and selling tools
  • 1GB Free Cloud Storage

2. VPS Hosting:

Ipage boasts of superior quality VPS Servers with performance as their main objective. Starting at $24.99 per month, with 1TB bandwidth, they are also some of the cheapest in North America. All their VPS servers come with:

  • Fully Managed support
  • Instant Deployment
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Free Marketing Credits
  • 100% Wind-Powered Green web hosting
  • World Class Support

3. Dedicated Hosting:

iPage has a great Fully Managed Dedicated hosting plan. Starting at $119.95 it may not be as cheap as their shared hosting plan but it makes it up with the features below:

  • Fully Managed Servers
  • Dedicated resources for faster performance
  • Unlimited Domains and MySQL Databases
  • Full access to CPanel
  • CentOS 6.4
  • Starting with 3 IP Addresses
  • Starts at 4GB RAM

4. WordPress Hosting:

Their WordPress hosting package is one of their most ambitious projects. Since most blogs are hosted with WordPress, they have come up with a great plan aimed at the blog community. Starting at $3.75 per month, the WordPress Hosting services include:

  • Core Hosting Plans
  • Pre-Installed Themes and Plugins
  • Faster Site Speed
  • Enhanced security
  • Support from WP Experts


Infrastructure, reliability, support and user experience

With over one million customers their infrastructure has to be one of the best in the world. One thing that you will have difficulty in is online reviews to do with bad customer service from iPage. They are also very proud of being fully powered by wind technology.

iPage claims to have full and secure control of their servers to prevent hacking attempts on their servers. Their systems are designed to detect any security breaches and close down any security holes immediately they appear.

For users, most users are very happy with their initial hosting packages. However, it is important to note that one may find problems with their support department if their website uses too many CPU resources. In such instances, customers are either asked to upgrade to their VPS plans or have to seek hosting elsewhere.


iPage advantages

One of the reasons that iPage stands out is simply its price. One would be right to guess that most of its clients are more interested in the pricing than any other offers they may have. But there are a few other things that make iPage stand out amongst its peers.

  • It’s extremely cheap even for budget hosting
  • A powerful anytime money back guarantee
  • Eco-Friendly hosting through the wind resources
  • Great customer support
  • Excellent uptime on their servers


iPage disadvantages

  • Unlimited hosting may actually be limited by CPU usage
  • Upselling of unnecessary add-ons
  • Too many websites in shared hosting may slow down your site
  • No upgrading to a higher shared hosting plan other to VPS servers


Overall iPage Review

Those looking for a web hosting company with the experience and excellent service they need, can’t go wrong with iPage.com. Though most companies that have been acquired by the Endurance International Group have lost their customer support credentials, iPage manages still to offer superior services to its customers.

You can imagine that with a customer base that started in 1998, their customers were some of the most loyal online. Even with the last fiasco with EIG hosting companies where there was a total blackout, iPage was still online. For those who are starting out on web hosting and need a trustworthy and reliable company that is affordable, you can’t go wrong with iPage.com hosting.

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  1. Serge webmaster
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    Firstly I was skeptical about their services, because I live in Europe. I wondered about speed over FTP and overall experience with WordPress work, but to my deep surprise it handle pretty nice for that price. Actually I got everything I need and more, their custom control panel pretty useful and easy to use. Their customer support chat could be better… often their support guys creating a support ticket instead for instant answer, but I its not a big problem. Overall iPage – is nice all in one solution for amateur webmasters.

    Feedback: 2 positive, 1 negative

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