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1and1 is a well-known and reliable webhost and domain provider. They are owned by United Internet which is an internet service provider in Germany, so you know you can trust their backend systems and uptime. Although 1and1 is owned by a German company, they are actually a worldwide company. They market their services in the USA, UK, Canada, and various European countries and have locations all around the world.

United Internet has millions of internet customers, and their hosting service 1and1 has over 14 million customers. Now that you know a little bit about the company and what makes them unique, being an early adopter of technology and a well-known internet service provider, we will review their services and the users at which they’re aimed for.


1and1 web hosting products and features:

1and1's hosting products can be divided into five major categories: MyWebsite plans, shared hosting packages, VPS hosting, cloud based VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

1. MyWebsite plans:

MyWebsite is aimed at the non-technical user. Websites are constructed using site builders and templates. User-friendly tools are available for e-commerce, SEO and other common requirements. Although site builder based plans tend to be very basic in many companies, in 1and1, they can be used to build powerful websites. Every plan includes access to free online office software and 2 GB of storage for user documents.

MyWebsite Personal: This plan is the most affordable plan that comes with a website builder. It includes a free domain, email address, 10GB of space, a guest book functionality, contact form, visitor counter, and various HTML widgets. A site built with the Personal version of MyWebsite can have unlimited number of pages. This Personal plan would be recommended for a small business that just needs a site to put one on their business card, but won’t be focusing on bringing in new business from online visitors.

MyWebsite Business: There are three business plans: Basic, Plus and Premium. They are meant for business websites and come with many professional, industry specific templates.

The Basic plan includes one domain, 50 GB of disk space, 200 email addresses, photo editor and mobile website optimization. It can be used to create a business website of up to Unlimited pages. Websites can also feature a blog, a download area, guest book, contact form and RSS feeds. Interactive Google Maps can also be featured on the website.

The Plus plan provides additional features. It includes a document viewer and different types of documents and presentations can be integrated on the website. It also includes an event calendar, social media integration, email marketing and SEO tools.

In addition to these features, Premium plan customers get monitoring and expert help for SEO to ensure good rankings.

Following is the set of characteristics that sets 1&1 apart from its contemporaries:

  • Design: MyWebsite offers a wide array of design templates. The design quality is pretty high with the option of design customization for the customer.
  • Easier Editing: MyWebsite offers convenient editing tools for easier customization of the design of the website.
  • Mobile Customized Design: MyWebsite presents the perfect website design which is mobile customized, i.e. can be viewed on any device and adjusts itself to the resolution of the screen that it is being viewed on.
  • SEO Optimization: Allows you to hook in more customers with MyWebsite tools

2.Shared hosting plans:

1&1 web hosting service offers a web-based control panel which gives you access to your publishing tools, site pages, image files and much more. It also includes a website builder that permits you for building a professional-looking website easily. One of the most impressive features of 1&1 is its click-and-build applications. This website hosting service provides 65 applications ranging from message boards, blogs to full CMS systems and more. The applications are a simple way to build and enhance your website without web design experience or extensive effort.

The three hosting packages of 1&1 include:

  • Web Hosting Basic: The starter plan is perfectly suited for small website since it has limits on web space, MySQL databases and email accounts.
  • Web Hosting Unlimited Plus:  Despite its name, there are a few limitations on the unlimited plan, including a maximum of 500 email accounts and 25 MySQL databases.
  • Web Hosting Unlimited Pro:  The business plan is truly unlimited and is a wonderful value for companies seeking a detailed but an economical hosting solution having no feature caps.

Another important aspect worthy of mention of this web hosting service is its security. 1&1 provides SSL certificates that are necessary for E-commerce websites. This web host also employs dual hosting that means that your website is stored on two individual servers in various geographic locations (this service uses data centers in both Europe and the U.S). This redundancy is essential because in event that one of the 1and1 data centers is compromised; your website will be supported on a server at another location and will also not experience any downtime.

3. Virtual private servers (VPS):

1and1 offers standard VPS hosting in three plans with a choice of 64 bit Linux or Windows. Full root access is provided. Servers are allocated up to 8 GB of RAM and up to 200 GB of disk space depending upon the plan. Besides the 1and1 control panel, Plesk Panel 11 is also available. Each account comes with one static IP, a free domain and up to 2500 GB/month of traffic.

4. VPS (cloud based):

Apart from the standard VPS, 1and1 offers highly customizable and scalable cloud based servers. Customers have a choice of fixed resource plans or flexible plans where they pay only for what they use. The plans also have a sleep mode, which allows customers to store data without any cost for up to six months. Each account can have up to 99 virtual servers. Cloud based hosting provides high security, redundant storage, backup and recovery features. These plans, which start at about $20 a month, are excellent choices for customers having many websites with large number of visitors.

5. Dedicated servers:

Dedicated servers are offered in three plans with a choice of configurations and Windows or Linux options. Servers are offered with Intel or AMD processors with up to 32 cores. Up to 64 GB of RAM and 4000 GB of storage is available depending on the plan. Full root access is provided, but customers can also opt for managed servers.

Infrastructure, reliability, support and user experience

1&1 has many data centers in different countries. The data center in the US has a space of 55,000 sq. feet. All critical systems like power, cooling, connectivity and storage, have redundant backups for failsafe operation. 1&1 is right on par with an ideal web hosting services on our lineup, when it comes to support and help. Every representative who is related and involved in this hosting service provider brand is helpful and friendly and provides informative answers to your queries. Moreover, the 1&1 hosting service consists of a variety of useful online resources that you can reference when you are building your site and access the variety of hosting features. Particularly, in-depth FAQ section of website is best, where you can get detailed information regarding the hosting service and its functionality and features.


1and1 advantages:

  • It is a large and reputed company with plenty of experience in the business.
  • It employs redundant, secure data servers to make sure that your website never experiences any downtime.
  • Availability of flexible and scalable cloud based VPS plans.
  • This service provides dozens of click-and-build application and unlimited web space and bandwidth.

1and1 disadvantages:

  • It does not offer cPanel, but the custom panel is good, has similar features and is user-friendly.
  • The company does not specify any uptime guarantee, but in reality, it is as good or better than other hosts.
  • It does not offer best Email hosting services.


Overall 1and1 review:

Although 1and1 is a reputable company that offers a lot of backup services and great reliability, there are some downsides to it. cPanel is not offered with shared hosting, so people used to it will have to get used to 1and1’s own control panel. 1and1’s control panel is easy to learn and use however, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Customers requiring cPanel can also pay for a VPS or dedicated server and run cPanel through there. The benefits of 1and1 are that there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee with no questions asked, and there’s always room to upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed. 1&1 is a perfect choice for web hosting, particularly if you want site security or unlimited hosting capabilities are a priority.


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    I’m happy client of 1and1 for a last 3 years. I am so glad that i had opportunity switch from my earlier hosting provider to 1&1. Thank you !

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  2. Moses Brock
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    Avoid them at all cost… Their service is so haphazard. I had to research and solve issues myself, because their customer support unable to answer to my simple questions.

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